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Teenager Programme

All teenagers go through huge psychological and emotional changes that last some years and new neuro-scientific research has shown there is a corresponding structural development taking place in our brains.

Unfortunately the present education system does not offer the best environment or support for teenagers or their parents, a fact that is, at last, being discussed more in the media.

Understanding these natural developments that occur in the teenage brain and their effect on behaviour, hormone production, sleep patterns, decision making, risk assessment, emotional reactivity, memory, attention span, motivation, self confidence, intellectual resources, etc, not only helps the teenager but also helps the parents understand why their teenager is behaving in the way they are, so reducing stress!  

I offer a specially designed 2 session ( 3 hours) course of consultations for Teenagers and their parents, providing them with insights into the latest scientific understanding about teenage brain development and the best methods of supporting them to enjoy life and make the best of their opportunities.

Teenagers (and their parents) can really benefit very greatly from this course as well as Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.

So far I have a 100% success rate in radically changing teenagers’ sleep patterns and, while I can not guarantee to do this in every case, I am very confident of a positive result. But that is not all…

With a regular and improved sleep pattern we experience very positive effects in areas of energy, concentration, motivation, memory, focus, emotional stability and positivity.  

With the new understanding of how the teenage brain works and its development they also experience a reduction in guilt, anxiety, depression and frustration as they realise that much of the angst they experience in life is just a passing phase and that they are “not abnormal”. They also learn to master their moods and anxiety, boosting their self confidence.

Those who I have worked with have experienced major positive changes in their relationships both at home and at school with an end to bullying where that has been a presenting problem.

Their work has also benefited hugely as they become more confident and focused in class and are better able to plan, manage and execute their homework, with a positive effect in grading across the curriculum.

The solution focused therapy aspect also helps teenagers develop goal definition and gain a sense of self empowerment and personal responsibility.

I can also help them with proven effective methods to quickly and easily reduce exam and interview anxiety - a powerful way to boost their confidence and results throughout their lives.

Apart from a general Teenager programme I also provide sessions for teenagers experiencing phobias, eating disorders, addictions, sleep problems, anxiety, bullying, depression,exam nerves, loss of self confidence and relationship problems.

To request a free initial consultation press here now for ways to arrange an appointment.

Conditions of Working With Teenagers

1.)  It is the teenager, and not their parents/guardians, who are my client. Therefore it is essential that the teenage client concerned only attends the sessions if they want to.  

2.)  All that is shared by the teenage client remains confidential and all consultations are conducted, as with adult clients, under the normal regulations stipulated by the National Council for Hypnotherapy.

3.)  I always direct my efforts in the teenager’s interest alone and do not consider myself an agent of the parent/guardian. In my experience the positive changes experienced by my teenage clients are always welcomed by their parents.

Also the teenagers who have attended these sessions have found it interesting, engaging and worthwhile.  They also appreciate the greater understanding that their parents/ guardians gain through attending and the increased understanding and trust which this generates between them.

4.)  I suggest that I first see the parents/guardian of the teenager for an initial consultation in order that they fully understand the way I work.

5.) I am happy to then work with the teenager in subsequent sessions with a parent/guardian in attendance in the consulting room if that is the wish of the teenager.

6.) If it is preferred by the teenager then the parent/guardian can sit downstairs while we work.

7.) All sessions are recorded from beginning to end with digital audio equipment in the interests of the client’s safety and the recordings are stored confidentially. They are always available to the client (teenager) on request.

8.) An audio/video recording of sessions can also be made on request. A small charge for copying to DVD may then be made as required.

Additional Skills Suitable for All Teenagers

Apart from resolving any specific problems teenagers may have such as insomnia, anxiety, exam nerves, phobias or bullying, my teenager programme includes exercises in Mindfulness that are effective in developing focus and concentration and highly effective NLP techniques to reduce Exam and Interview Nerves. Boosting Sporting and Academic Achievement, Self Confidence, Motivation and Personal Responsibility are all key goals in this programme of consultations.

Teenage  Programme

Who Attends?

I have been pleased to work with students attending a variety of schools and colleges in Somerset, including Millfields, Crispin, Strode College, Bridgewater College, Kings of Wessex Academy and Richard Huish College.

Richard with his (then) teenage daughter.