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M. Harris, London

(Anxiety - Confidence - Relationships)

“Richard is a true professional. He is knowledgeable in his field and extremely personable. Richard manages to combine an insightful, scientific approach to the workings of the mind with a more personal discussion -based interaction. He is warm, open and emotionally available, which puts one at ease and makes one feel as though they can be completely open and honest about whatever issue they are trying to resolve. I found both the solution based hypnotherapy and the mindfulness practice to have enormous positive transformative effects over a short space of time. I cannot recommend Richard more highly and I hope he continues to help a growing number of clients.”

Peter H, Somerset


"Richard is a person whose care and concern for his clients, lies at the centre of his practice. I have felt that in the time we worked together I was able to be completely honest with him as a professional therapist.

He is a professional who goes the extra mile for his clients. I was always able to pick his brain about anything which worried me at anytime and I was never made to feel like this was a burden. He took a sincere interest in my condition and created a tailor-made programme for me.  

I feel the time spent under his care was extremely useful, I utilise the methods he taught me regularly and believe I am in a better place because of his work. I would recommend Richard to anyone without a moments hesitation."

Diane B. Wells, Somerset

(Smoking Cessation)

“Thank you for your help and treatment to help me stopping smoking it seems to have really worked. My health is a lot better already. I can't thank you enough.”

Peter W.  Factory Manager, Somerset  

(Panic Attacks - Anxiety - Insomnia)

“I felt very comfortable talking to Richard and he was extremely understanding and flexible with appointments. A superb therapist and someone I felt able to trust when I felt at my most vulnerable.”

Mark McL. Musician  Somerset  

(Eczema - Insomnia - Anxiety)

“Richard is very helpful in his profession, I found him to be a caring, knowledgeable & warm hearted man.”  

Patricia B   Healer   Glastonbury   

(Addiction - Insomnia - Fear of Death)

 “I just want to thank you for putting me back together when the world pulled me apart.”

A. G. Journalist Somerset   

(Anger - Confidence - Relationship Issues )

“Since coming to see you Richard I have turned my life around in so many ways. I'm learning lots - and I am choosing to enjoy the journey.

I've joined the gym and am losing weight and feeling better.

I’ve healed my relationships with my family. My relationship is going well. 

I now look to myself for happiness - and the moments I feel disappointment or insecurity, I am able to return to myself quicker. I still have work to do but I am doing really well. I am beginning to see how wonderful I am! Life is becoming better each day.”

F. V.  Receptionist    

(Agoraphobia - Aerophobia - Claustrophobia)

 “I came to Richard to resolve my claustrophobia, fear of flying and public transport which was preventing me from enjoying holidays with family and friends. Within a very short time I have enjoyed journeys on buses, cross channel night ferries, and trains, all things I could not have imagined doing weeks earlier. I now feel ready to book my first flight for many years to visit my in-laws in America.”

David O. Software Designer

(Panic - Driving Phobia - Social Anxiety)

“Since doing Solution Focused Hypnotherapy I have benefited greatly from the treatment in curing me of a driving phobia and negative thought patterns.  The essence of the treatment has allowed me to appreciate living in the moment more and I have found life has become progressively more enjoyable and fulfilling.  In addition, it has helped me in maintaining my current job.”

Max H.  Financial Advisor London   

(Anxiety - Confidence)

"I came to see Richard after a series of unexpected events sent me into an unfamiliar state of anxiety and general dissatisfaction. Richard explained his solution based process clearly in the first session, and was extremely approachable from the outset. Throughout the sessions Richard was able to relate on a human level to personal problems, whilst maintaining a practical and scientific approach to workings of the human mind. Both the hypnotherapy and mindful practice techniques proved highly beneficial and I am grateful to Richard for helping to restore me to a state of general well being and positivity

Melanie B.  Artist  Glastonbury  

(Anger - Social Anxiety - Confidence)  

“I would highly recommend Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, since it has helped me overcome social anxiety and low self-esteem.   I have also been released from anger and resentment - which until now have prevented me from living to my highest potential.

The sessions that I had with Richard have been rewarding and empowering, since they have enabled me to more effectively live my life in a more positive and confident way.”


Charlie R. Cheddar (15 years)

“Really pleased and impressed with quality of service :)

 J.R (mother)   “Charlie really benefited from his sessions with you. He is in a much better place now mentally and is making good progress in his life, (GCSE) exams, work etc.  I know he looked forward to the sessions and found them interesting.”

Claire B. Bristol, Therapist.    “I wanted to say congratulations on your work with C. he is a changed boy, your work with him was very timely and useful. I hope J. has returned your feedback form - I know she was very pleased.”

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“The three essential ingredients of a successful therapeutic relationship are unconditional positive regard, genuineness and empathy.. “

Carl Rogers, founder of person centred psychotherapy.