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Low Moods / Depression

Being depressed is a miserable experience that many of us suffer from at some time or another. Feeling  low, sad, hopeless, irritable, unmotivated, indecisive, joyless and anxious are all typical symptoms.

A disturbed sleep pattern is also a key symptom and often people confuse depression with chronic (prolonged) tiredness. In a way they are not entirely wrong.  Depression is a symptom of a special form of deep mental exhaustion resulting from the brain falling into a stress induced cyclic pattern of working which is both unproductive and exhausting.

Depression can be a particularly difficult problem to overcome - not because the cure is difficult to achieve once treatment is begun, but because if you are suffering from depression it is hard to see the point of picking up the phone and making that life changing appointment ….

So if you are suffering from depression and have made it this far - reading this - then congratulations - just make that call and do it now and you will never regret it. Here is the number to call: 077 925 84 968  Just doing that will already be making you feel better and after your first free consultation you are going to feel better still and you are going to go on feeling better each week after that.

With Solution Focused Therapy we don’t go back over and analyse all the unhappy experiences which seem to haunt you in that state of depression. That would just make you feel worse. We are going to help you turn that vicious cycle of exhaustion, anxiety and negativity into a virtuous spiral of relaxation, enthusiasm and achievement! Let go of the boredom and emptiness - you are worth so much more and we need you, the real you, back here in the world!

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Low Moods Depression What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality. Plutarch