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Confidence is hard to understand, we recognise when we feel confident and when we don't, but it's difficult to describe exactly what it is.

We can become confident at doing something by repeatedly practicing it until it becomes second nature. Just as one becomes a confident driver, cyclist or musician by rehearsing the necessary actions over and over again until we stop thinking about them.

However, being generally confident, being ready to take on new challenges with the confidence that we will succeed at whatever we chose to do, is more complex and an important aid to achievement.  It is deeply related to Self Esteem - how we value and image ourselves and what our expectations are.

Self image begins to be developed from our very earliest experiences and a chronic lack of confidence can be rooted in a number of different kinds of negative early life experiences which may severely debilitate us from making the most of our opportunities and enjoying all that our lives can offer.

Whatever the experiences that cause the chronic low self confidence, the way to deal with the resulting subconscious belief pattern and habitual negative thinking is actually the same - and ruminating over the historic causes of low confidence is definitely not helpful.

On the other hand we may suddenly lose confidence because of a situation which you wish you'd handled differently, or it could be a sudden accident which had nothing to do with you, but may have frightened you so much you just stopped doing something.

How Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help with Confidence.

During the first consultation I will give an explanation of the workings of the brain as they pertain to your condition and explain how confidence is generated and lost. We go on to look at how you can realise this understanding in your situation.

Hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool in helping build self confidence because it helps reduce anxiety and the negative self talk which undermines confidence. It also allows the part of the brain that governs control to have a greater effect on our behaviour.

With certain NLP techniques we can neutralise the effects of specific previous negative experiences which are causing negative thinking and expectations and we can then replace them with positive visualisations deeply imprinted into the subconscious which will form the basis for new positive expectations and thought patterns. This will enhance confidence.

With the Solution Focused Therapy work we will also look at exceptions - times when you've been confident in other situations and help translate that confidence to the areas which you feel less confidence in.

Mindfulness, breathing techniques and posture awareness will number among the confidence enhancing tools I will teach you to practice as and when you need.

I work with clients who have expressed lack of confidence in all kinds of situations, whether it's at work, in a task they have been given to do, in social situations or in performance.

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Believe you can and you're halfway there.  Theodore Roosevelt