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Freedom from Addiction

We aim to tackle both the addiction itself and any underlying problems thought to have triggered the addiction (such as trauma, stress, lack of self-confidence or depression), in order to ease the client out of the addictive compulsion.

Addictions are most often a symptom of other deep issues and often began as “coping mechanisms”.  The addiction is like the mortar between the bricks of these issues and both the addiction and the underlying issues need to be dealt with together.  

Where alcohol or drug addictions are concerned, I do not expect my clients to be completely “dry” to start therapy, but I do require them to be sober and free of the effects of drugs when they come to see me.

My therapy works well beside other support systems such as AA.

I recommend to those clients that come with addiction problems that we follow a specific strategy which does require them to commit to a number of weeks of therapy and to major (positive) changes in their life style.

Therapy begins by an introduction to how the brain works and the physical and psychological mechanisms of addiction.  We examine stress, anxiety and depression as underlying triggers and (quickly) review the original personal experiences which underlay the negative belief systems that underpin the negative thought patterns that in turn power the addiction.

Once we have addressed the source of the problem and seen how we can regain control over the source of our negative thinking and stress we begin to look towards setting positive goals and solutions (small to begin with) and develop a new positive life experience and expectations, building self confidence and developing behaviour patterns which will support a new way of life.

Hypnosis plays a key part in the process, helping to reduce anxiety, stress and cravings by aligning your powerful subconscious mind, where the addictions can be rooted, with the positive will of your conscious mind.   

This, together with specific proven techniques I will give you for dealing with cravings if they arise, along with advice about environmental triggers, sleep etc will reduce your cravings and ease your path beyond addiction.

To request a free initial consultation press here now  and call or email me for an appointment.

For smoking cessation see my dedicated page.

 Our Stop Smoking programme comprises of just one very effective 1½ hour consultation. To be effective it must be your choice to stop smoking now, not just someone else’s desire. Telephone me for details - but you wont want, or need, to bring cigarettes with you to smoke afterwards!  This will probably be the best investment you have ever made towards the health of your body and bank balance!    

Addiction "Always bear in mind that your own resolution to success  is more important than any other one thing." Abraham Lincoln