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More About Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a powerful psychotherapeutic tool with which we can access the subconscious mind through the use of trance. This allows us to make powerful and lasting positive changes to the way our minds work and the way we experience our world and express ourselves.

Be assured, Clinical Hypnotherapy is entirely different from stage hypnosis, and does not involve the client losing control, quite the reverse, it is used specifically to empower the client by bringing their subconscious into positive alignment with their conscious mind.

Go to the page on this website entitled Solution Focused Hypnotherapy to learn more.

Richard J L Newman DHP AfSFH CNHC   Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist

Ways I can help

What can be better than being relaxed, empowered, confident, motivated, alert, capable and happy?

“Making the most of my life, my gifts and opportunities, enjoying this present moment,  undistracted by repetitive worries, criticisms or doubts. I trust myself and my world, focusing on creatively realising my dreams, living every moment deeply and fully, I enjoy sharing life with those who I love and value and those who love and value me.”

I like that place, and you, no doubt, have a similar place you like to be, that you can describe in your own words and visions.

My task is simply to help you to experience that more and more.

Are you

Do you


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My large dedicated Hypnotherapy Consulting Room in Glastonbury offers a peaceful and comfortable setting for your therapy.

The Spacious, Comfortable Private Consulting Room allows us to easily maintain the two meter social distancing protocol during sessions.

The Reclining Hypnotherapy Chair ensures your comfort throughout the therapeutic experience.

We follow a strict cleaning and disinfection protocol between each session, providing fresh chair covers for each appointment.

I also provide online consultations via Zoom for my clients from the USA and for those in quarantine or having to isolate at this time.

Specialisations at The NewMan Practice

I specialise in two particular areas outside the normal services that most hypnotherapists offer, namely:

Teenage Issues: I have developed a course for teenagers and their parents based on the latest neuroscience research. This helps both the parents and their teenagers navigate the difficult years between 12 and 24 during which time the brain goes through a complete rebuild, with different areas of the brain being reassigned to different activities. This short compact course lasting four hours minimum, may be extended for teenagers suffering from issues and symptoms requiring further treatment.

For most teenagers and their parents this course allows them to embark on new positive co-supportive relationships based on new understandings. It is always a delight to see these spontaneous healings take place and know young lives have been changed for the better.

FND and other Psycho-Neurological and Auto-immune Issues such as MS, CFS etc.

FND: I have many years of personal experience caring for someone with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and FND (Functional Neurological Disorder). As a result I have researched these issues deeply over a number of years and have had the opportunity to meet and talk with the leading medical authorities within these fields in the UK.

Issues regarding muscle control, specifically the (lack of) Sense of Agency, (maladaptive) beliefs about control and the attentional “spotlighting” effecting self awareness are all issues important in FND and also are areas which are effected in trance under hypnosis. This means that there are possible avenues for positively effecting the symptoms of FND using trance. Each case of FND manifests uniquely to the individual so this therapy also has to be developed individually.

MS: I have had some success with helping MS sufferers take major steps forward in building stamina and resilience and reducing the psychological impact of this disease and this in turn has been associated with an apparent reduction in the severity of symptoms. This is not totally unexpected when one considers the connection between psychology, the brain, the endocrine and immune systems (as well as, of course, breathing patterns and the gut) which all may play a part in the development of this disease.

Richard JL Newman was educated at Wellington College, The University of Edinburgh, The Humaniversity and The Clifton Practice.

Over many years he has worked with a number of original thinkers who have influenced his work, including Father Anthony Ross and Frank Natalie.

He is Trustee of the Library of Avalon in Glastonbury, a specialist educational charity providing learning and research facilities in the areas of psychology, hypnotherapy and  a number of other subjects.

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